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Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management

Your most critical assets at the very core of your enterprise – assets that are the bloodline of your business. They require monitoring and vigilance against all cyber threats. ImagineX understands the continuous process of identifying and remediating vulnerabilities in order to protect the most critical assets within our clients' technology environments..

Service Offerings

  • Gap Assessment

  • Automation / Scripted Remediation

  • Asset Management

  • Tool Implementation & Integration

  • Program Oversight

  • Patch Management

  • Tactical Vulnerability Remediation

  • Reporting Strategies & Data Analytics

  • Project Management

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Our Vulnerability Management Work

Vulnerability Management Assessment for a US Financial Services Organization

The challenge:

This Qualys customer asked us to evaluate their perimeter scanning program, evaluate their vulnerability management applications across the organization, and make recommendations.

Our solution:

We worked with the Qualys team through interviews and technology discovery to evaluate the current maturity level of their perimeter scanning program.

The result:

We delivered a reference architecture, an assessment report documenting a new methodology for perimeter scanning, and a vulnerability management tools report to guide the client on which applications to keep, replace, sunset, or consolidate.
Cyber Resilience

Governance, Risk, & Compliance

Resilience provides the ability to address corporate, financial, legal, operational, and transformational cyber risk by incorporating business initiatives that include sustainability, maturity, growth, and profitability. By addressing the channels to success, ImagineX takes a comprehensive approach to infuse the spirit of cyber at all levels of an organization.

Service Offerings

  • Security Risk Maturity Assessment

  • Tool Implementation & Integration

  • Gap Analysis & Remediation Roadmap

  • Project Management

  • Policies, Procedures, & Governance

  • Compliance Assessment

  • Tabletop Exercises

  • Program Management

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Our GRC Work

Integrating and Modernizing an Incident Response Plan for a Leading US-Based Financial Institution

The challenge:

Our client needed to update their Incident Response Plan with a lens on three elements: ‘break glass’ incidents, third-party supplier risk management, and integrating with technical SMEs in the non-information security organization.

Our solution:

We attacked the project with a three-person team with a combined 30+ years of cyber, risk, and legal experience. The ImagineX team reviewed all current-state IRP-related documentation, supervised working sessions to align on the future-state incident response plan, and ran tabletops to validate our methodology.

The result:

The client resolved their regulatory mandate four weeks earlier than initially forecasted with the completion of the integrated Incident Response Plan and the roll-out of the integrated tabletop exercises.

Cyber Engineering

Specialized Cyber

Whether it's access management, network security architecture, or incident preparation, ImagineX can support the configuration and build for your cloud environment so you can ensure that risk is being acknowledged, addressed, and remediated and that your critical systems are safe and secure.

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  • Cyber Operational Tech / Industrial Tech (OT/IT)

  • M&A Cyber Risk Due Diligence

  • Identity & Access Management

  • Pen Testing

  • Cloud Security Management

  • Cyber Data Analytics

  • Project Management

Service Offerings

Our Specialized Cyber Work

Governance and Security Controls Assessment 

The challenge:

Our client, serving real estate professionals and homeowners across the United States, engaged ImagineX to assess their information security controls and associated maturity against the ISO27001 & 27002 frameworks. They were looking to make quick improvements to reduce manual touchpoints, improve security governance, asset management, access control, and enhance their third-party risk management. 

Our solution:

As with all assessments, we reviewed current documentation outlining governance and security procedures to gain valuable insight into their current state. Key stakeholder interviews followed this to provide additional context to their current program. We focused on hardening their security policies and procedures, enhancing their IAM and asset management policies, reducing third-party risk, and improving physical security. In addition, we bolstered cyber resilience by reviewing and improving their Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans, ensuring they followed the proper compliance frameworks. Lastly, we reviewed technical documentation and assessed their network vulnerability process. 

The result:

We documented and shared detailed recommendations for all ISO-2700x controls and created an ISO Maturity Model, identifying quick wins and laying a roadmap for an 18-month business transformation.


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