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Software Engineering

Secure your cloud infrastructure and automate your dev pipelines.

Software Engineering

Software Engineering

As designers, developers, architects, and software engineers, we bring our client's visions to life through innovative technologies. We develop vital frameworks and methodologies that improve processes, reduce risk, and deliver cutting-edge products. 


Today's market demands adaptive software solutions. There is a keen focus on shorter development cycles, user-centric design, and infusing security at the start of the development lifecycle.


ImagineX delivers compelling outcomes for our clients and their customers that are resilient and will scale while remaining nimble and responsive.  

Software Engineering

Service Offerings

  • Responsive Web

  • Distributed Applications

  • API/Microservices Development

  • Application Security

  • IT Strategy

  • Design Sprints

  • Agile Delivery

  • Integrations

  • Functional and Automated QA Testing

  • Low/No Code Solutions

  • Application Support

  • Product Roadmap

  • Project and Product Management

  • SaaS Product Integrations

Our Software Engineering Work

Automated Inventory Management for a Manufacturing Company

The challenge:

Our client was looking to create an Android app, web app, and backend to automate the creation and tracking of assets from departure to destination to reduce net labor for supply chain management.

Our solution:

We partnered with the client's technology team to define requirements by identifying technologies, making architecture recommendations, and identifying dependencies on 3rd party software and internal API needs. Leveraging scrum processes, our two teams built the features for the Android app and website.

The result:

The outcome was a simplified process for creating and binding sensors to an asset. We integrated the use of company login credentials and eliminated users' need to manage assets through 3rd party software.


At its core, cloud technology allows clients to enhance operational efficiency, drive innovation, and better support an organization’s objective for quicker creation and development. 


Cloud environments enable the adoption of DevOps practices and improve speed to automation, allowing for scale, velocity, and cost optimizations. Cloud migrations will help your organization reduce IT costs and allow for automated infrastructure, security, and enhanced monitoring.

Service Offerings

  • AWS/Azure Migrations

  • Native & Hybrid Cloud Arch/Design

  • Serverless Architecture

  • Automated Infrastructure & Provisioning

  • Cloud Project Management

  • Infrastructure Cost Optimization

  • Cloud Security Assessments

  • Cloud Security Assessments/Mitigation

  • DevSecOps Pipelines

  • DevOps IT Readiness Assessments

Technology workers collaborating

Data Analytics & Machine Learning/AI

Data Analytics

For business leaders to make decisions, they must consider information from the past, present, and future. Analyzing data in structured, semi-structured, and unstructured formats complicates this process. 


ImagineX data analytics and machine learning/AI services support business leaders in achieving their objectives. By analyzing historical data, we can accurately determine past events. Then, in real-time, we can monitor and adjust current operations accordingly. Additionally, we can predict future outcomes accurately by utilizing machine learning and AI algorithms. 


We leverage advanced machine learning and AI technologies, such as Cognitive and Generative AI, to automate repetitive tasks, boosting business operation productivity and reducing costs. 

Hands on keyboard coding

Service Offerings

Downloadable Content:

  • Data Engineering/Orchestration

  • Data Lake/Data Warehouse Dev

  • Forecasting and Historical Analysis

  • Dashboard Visualizations

  • Fraud & Anomaly Detection

  • Predictive Analytics

  • Nature Language Processing

  • Computer Vision/OCR

  • Cognitive Analytics

  • Generative AI/Automation

  • Project Management


ML-Powered Near-Real-Time & Batch Analytics Pipeline on AWS

Our Machine Learning & Data Analytics Work

Machine Learning Advisory and Improvements for a Global Recruiting and Staffing Agency

The challenge:

Our client’s recruiters leverage a machine learning algorithm that requires offline training and limits scalability. They were seeking a partner with machine learning expertise who could improve performance, support future initiatives, and balance short-term pragmatism with long-term goals.

Our solution:

ImagineX partnered with the client team to understand the issues with the existing system to identify business objectives, use cases, architecture design, and data quality. We were quickly able to locate scaling bottlenecks and implement a serverless architecture. ImagineX developed an ideal-state architecture with solutions to improve data quality, modeling technology, and infrastructure.

The result:

The outcome was improved scalability of their solution, scaling from 5 users to 1000. We educated the client on machine learning best practices and defined a roadmap with a new architecture, timeline, and the skills needed to provide more accurate results.


We are proud to partner with industry leaders.

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What our clients are saying

Frank Sanchez, Fidelity National Home Warranty (formerly)

Frank Sanchez
"We partnered with ImagineX based on previous experience to guide us through the modernization of our core business applications and infrastructure from an on-prem model to a cloud-based services model. They led with proven technologies and expertise to a seamless migration to the cloud. Through the valued partnership that we built with ImagineX, we now have a modern, stable, and secure infrastructure that supports our core business applications."

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