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Identifying and Validating Patchable Instances For a Leading Financial Services Company.

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Client Success Story - Large Financial Services Company

Project Overview

The need for a centralized tool for:

  • Patch Identification – enabling earlier identification of available patches and patching targets for patch deployment and risk reduction

  • Patch Validation – proof that a required patch was applied, allowing visibility for proactive remediation

  • Vulnerability Detection – near real-time discovery of a vulnerability

ImagineX Approach

  • First-line verification of vulnerability remediation – validation that the vulnerability has been resolved and risk remediated

  • 2-year prime contract with IBM to deliver BigFix endpoint management solution, including:

    • 45 Out-of-the-Box product coverage to meet their goal of automation

    • 200 custom-designed “Fixlets” would enable additional product coverage up to 99.5% of patchable volume

  • Through on-going design included large-scale implementation (total endpoints up to 500k), client executive leadership requested a dual solution approach, narrowing initial deployment to servers only (~100k endpoints)

  • Establishment of a Fixlet development process for requesting and fulfilling requests for adding new middleware and application patch reporting

Project Success

  • ~90% of patchable instances could be identified and validated through automation with BigFix out-of-the-box (OOTB) today, exceeding the commitment of 75%+ patchable instances

  • Coverage increases to 99.5% once we incorporate ~216 Fixlets

  • Total 265 Fixlets include the ~216 Fixlets which are customized and hand-selected using a risk-based approach to optimize risk reduction


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